Turning the Danfoss Office into a Smart Building

For the Danfoss office building in Hamburg, LIGHTELLIGENCE® made it possible to merge, contextualize, and classify data about heating, cooling, and lighting in one place. Visualization is the first step towards controlled energy consumption and a better carbon footprint.

The Challenge: Transforming Infrastructure into Insights

The Danish heating and cooling company Danfoss A/S had a clear vision for its offices in Hamburg: analyze building data on a single platform and gain insights into optimization potential.

Until now, the building’s systems had been controlled separately from one another. The individual devices were all connectable; however, a common language among the systems was lacking. LIGHTELLIGENCE® made it possible for the data from these individual systems to be communicated via a single visualization and analytics platform, simplifying commissioning, maintenance, and optimization.

By aggregating the building’s parameters, it’s possible to gain insights as well as calculate the cost per square meter. As in today’s cities office prices are constantly increasing, it is essential to have an overview of energy costs.

“OSRAM’s LIGHTELLIGENCE® easily created multiple dashboards from our building data and allowed us to gain immediate insights into functional status and where we could optimize.”

Sean Boden, Vice President Technology Partnerships at Danfoss Drives

The Solution: Analyzing Building Data in One Place

Danfoss uses LIGHTELLIGENCE® in combination with the Beckhoff building automation controller to consolidate building data into a comprehensive and accessible data lake. Combining this data lake with the LIGHTELLIGENCE® “Data Analyzer”, allows users to visualize, contextualize, and analyze the derived trends with minimal extra effort.

The result: valuable and comprehensible insights on the spot (e.g. transparency on asset performance) and a future-proof basis for creating value-adding applications (e.g. predictive maintenance) – at a fraction of the usual time and cost.   

All Building Data in One Place

The LIGHTELLIGENCE® “Data Analyzer” allows to consolidate, visualize, contextualize, and analyze building data.

Control over Energy Consumption

LIGHTELLIGENCE® enables controlled energy consumption and optimizes the carbon footprint.

Location-Independent Control

With LIGHTELLIGENCE®, building technicians can control their buildings remotely. This saves time and costs for on-site support.

Intelligent Data Platform and Smart Light Management for Commerz Real

Asset and investment manager Commerz Real created with “Digital-Werk” a truly smart office solution. LIGHTELLIGENCE® harmonizes data by integrating various IoT devices and intelligent sensor technology. By using LIGHTELLIGENCE® as its intelligent data platform, Commerz Real is able to control a smart light management system and gain insights on its office space.

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