Creating an Intelligent Data Platform and Smart Light Management with Commerz Real

With LIGHTELLIGENCE®, asset and investment manager Commerz Real was able to create its new “Digital-Werk” as a truly futuristic workplace. Via LIGHTELLIGENCE®, Commerz Real’s vision of harmonizing data by integrating various IoT devices and intelligent sensor technology came to life. LIGHTELLIGENCE® allowed for a smart light management solution to be implemented that takes human-centric lighting to the next level.

The Challenge: Creating a Truly Smart Office Solution

Commerz Real wanted to create a 1,000-square-meter, efficient laboratory featuring state-of-the-art technology.

The member of Commerzbank group needed an intelligent data platform that could harmonize data streams to allow for smarter light management and space utilization analytics through intelligent sensor technology.

The “Digital-Werk” was looking for an IoT ecosystem that was as radically open as the futuristic workplace itself.

“The LIGHTELLIGENCE® cloud is open in all directions – this allowed us to use existing systems and add our own analysis software.”

Dr. Florian Stadlbauer, Head of Digitalization at Commerz Real

The Solution: Harmonizing Building Data on an Intelligent Platform

For Commerz Real, LIGHTELLIGENCE® is setting the benchmark for smart workspace management.

LIGHTELLIGENCE® harmonizes data by integrating various IoT devices and intelligent sensor technology. With LIGHTELLIGENCE® as its intelligent data platform, Commerz Real is able to control a smart light management system and gain insights on its office space.

Using Osram’s end-to-end IoT solution, VISN, smart sensors collect and process room occupancy data in real time. It allows Commerz Real to control functions such as cooling, heating, blinds, and lighting. This reduces operational expenses and creates a more satisfying work experience.

Intelligent Data Platform

LIGHTELLIGENCE® harmonizes data from various IoT devices and intelligent sensor technology.

Smart Light Management

LIGHTELLIGENCE® enables smart light management solutions to take human-centric lighting to the next level.

Gaining Space Insights

With LIGHTELLIGENCE®, Commerz Real can gain insights into the usage rates of their buildings and is able to reduce operating costs.

Turning the Danfoss Office into a Smart Building

The Danish heating and cooling company Danfoss uses LIGHTELLIGENCE® to visualize, contextualize, and analyze data, which it gathered with minimal extra effort. The result? Valuable and comprehensible insights on the spot and a future-proof basis for creating value-adding applications – at a fraction of the usual time and costs.

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